Meeting Planners

Here are 6 good reasons why Barry Spencer is the right speaker for you:

Professionalism – Barry knows that your reputation is on the line when he takes the stage. As such, he will carefully decide whether or not he is right for your audience before he agrees to a contract. Additionally, you can expect no surprises and a healthy pat on the back from your boss when Barry steps off of the podium. In fact, it’s guaranteed.

Tailored Presentation – You’ve likely seen many presentations where the speaker took out his or her “canned” material and just inserted your company or association’s name in once of twice during the hour. It doesn’t take too long until the listeners are looking at each other as if to say, “Does this guy have any idea what we do?” What you get from Barry will be far from “canned.” Instead, he will provide a unique presentation tailored to the needs and wants of your group. His pre-program research will begin with your very first conversation and will continue to and through the event.

Expertise – There is a difference between a speaker and an expert who speaks. You and your audience know the difference. Barry is an expert in the field of leadership, Wealth Building without Regrets, and Financial Freedom. Spend one hour with him and you will learn the difference between Barry and other speakers.

Dynamic – This is the icing on the cake. While many celebrities and experts have curb appeal and content, many do not have the vehicle to deliver it with. Barry is known for his ability to grab the audience’s attention from the very beginning both to inspire and to motivate

The Extra Mile – Barry’s work for you will not end when the microphone turns off. As needed, he would be happy to join your group in any social functions before or after the event.

Appeal – Hiring a published author for your event makes your event program shine and builds a wave of pre-program enthusiasm.

Barry will motivate and inspire your audience to learn more, grow more, and become more.


One (1) refundable airfare will be provided by the hiring company / association. Fuel reimbursement only for local events.

Hotel accommodations should be made at or near the event site for the evening before the event (2 nights if the meeting is late afternoon / evening or international). We would be happy to make arrangements, if needed.

Transportation to / from the airport and the event site should be provided or reimbursed.
Reimbursement should be allowed for two moderately priced meals per day.

Bottom line: Barry will go out of his way to make sure that there are no issues. You will get no surprises or exorbitant bills. He knows that your reputation is on the line and he will be looking to make it even better (see reason #1 above).

Finally…a speaker that guarantees that YOU look good for bringing him in.

AV Requirements

1) Lavaliere microphone.

2) Hand-held microphone.

3) Power Point will be used. If used, he will need a projector and screen to fit the audience.
Preferred large group set up is a large raised platform (3′-6′) with one small table and no podium. Distance from the first row of seats to the riser should be no farther than 6′.

Room set-up can be adjusted to accommodate smaller group sizes.

Barry will want to be able to look at the room set-up with you the night before the event if possible.

All A/V issues will be discussed NLT two (2) weeks before the event.