Barry Spencer speaks about the keys to gaining Wealth With No Regrets® for entrepreneurs, executives, leaders and women on their own with wealth.  He also talks about the keys to more fully enjoy Wealth With No Regrets® and how to do that right now in your lifestyle, with your family and in causes that matter to you deeply.  He speaks with high energy, shares personal experiences, and lots of stories that keep any audience engaged wanting more. 

5 Keys to Gaining Wealth 

In the engaging presentation Barry shares from his experience with wealth, and research among leaders from around the country worth a million to a billion dollars.  Attendees learn the universal keys that lead to the creation of wealth and the impact of those decisions on their personal lifestyle and family. 

The 3 Essential Steps to Stewardship Success 

This unique presentation on stewardship is designed to excite the vision of generous people and motivate listeners to expand their generosity not out of guilt but desire.  Barry speaks from his life and personal experience as a giver and a legacy of family generosity.

How to Break-Free from Mediocrity

In this very personal presentation Barry reveals his slow fade from silver-spoon kid with a vision to being comfortable in his mediocrity.  He didn’t stay there long before receiving a deathbed charge from his father that gave him new energy for life and his lifelong purpose to make a difference.  Every participant will leave energized about pursuing their dreams. 

The 7 Regrets Wealth Creates and How To Avoid Them

In this presentation Barry reveals all seven wealth regrets and shares real stories and comments made by successful people worth up a billion dollars.  The audience learns about the roots of these wealth regrets and how they lead to regrets realized.  Barry also shares the three simple steps to avoiding these wealth regrets.

How to Enjoy Wealth with No Regrets

This is Barry’s keynote presentation based on his nationally recognized book, The Secret of Wealth With No Regrets.  In this address he shares many personal stories from his life and that of his successful rags-to-riches entrepreneurial father and how his deathbed charge led Barry to write his book, change a broken industry and help wealthy families across the country.

Income for Life and Pay Zero in Estate Taxes 

Barry’s world-class presentation on income tax minimization and estate tax elimination is not easy to understand, it energizes an audience on a subject that normally leaves people confused, bored and tired.  This presentation is complete with examples, stories and case studies that allows the wealthy to identify and picture their own situation so they can take action with their wealth in ways that excite their mind and heart.


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