Raving Fans Testimonials

“Barry spoke with high energy, interactive questions, and stories from his life experiences, and they were engaged with his presentation.  I found him to be very accommodating, and afterward, I was very pleased with his address.  I would heartily recommend Barry as a speaker.” – Bob Montague, Principal at KRCC


“Barry delivers a very informative presentation.” – Jim


Barry Spencer’s success story inspires all of us to never give up and that no one can cap our potential.” – Shelley


“It was so cool to see how Barry Spencer, a normal person can defy the odds and prove the people who told them otherwise wrong.” – AK


“I appreciate Barry Spencer for sharing his knowledge with others, so they may become prosperous.” – Lolby


“Barry Spencer’s talk was very inspiring.” – Paxton


“Barry Spencer motivated me to be very successful and have a great future.” – Harrison


“I am so appreciative of Barry Spencer sharing his inspiring story.  It is one I can personally relate to. Thanks!” – Addison


“Barry Spencer delivers an informative presentation.” – Barbara


“Barry’s presentation was concise and well received.” – JoEllen


“Barry’s presentation got me thinking about the needs of others first which causes me to rethink how I will approach my next meetings.” – Deane


“Truly engaging presentation – thought and idea provoking.” – Elise


“Barry gives an excellent presentation with useful ideas.” – Nichelle


“Great information in Barry’s presentation.” – Rose


“Barry presents in an exciting manner…opening my eyes to new possibilities.” – Minnie


“Barry’s presentation was very well done.” – Fred


“As a result of working with Barry Spencer, it has been life changing for me.  The principles he instilled in my life have given me a “road map to success” and in a very short time I started to see my life as a leader transformed (personally and professionally).  I highly recommend working with Barry and his team.” – Luke

“Barry Spencer’s presentation was very engaging.” – Shannon 


“A very thorough and helpful presentation.” – Sylvia


“Well presented content.” – Scott


“Excellent information delivered at a good pace with clear benefits.” – Laurie


“Helpful information.” – Matt