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Barry H. Spencer was first inspired to help others hold onto their wealth after being forced into the position of settling his father’s estate with traditional resources. He experienced firsthand how the traditional approach and most common approach can create unintended consequences and, ultimately, regrets. This pain has given him the conviction to ensure other families do not fall prey to the same fate. So, Barry turned his pain into a passion.

He went on to co-create Wealth With No Regrets®, a process dedicated to helping successful people take control of their money and fulfill their dreams. Since then, he’s authored and co-authored several books. His message has benefited many organizations, including the Grady Memorial Hospital Foundation, the Piedmont Athens Regional Healthcare Foundation, the University of North Georgia, The Center for the Visually Impaired, the Georgia Hospital Association and many more.

In addition to being a financial leader, nationally recognized author and speaker, Barry is an elite Ironman athlete. He enjoys running, biking, training, and an occasional round of golf in his limited free time. He also loves spending time with his wife, Lori, and their two children, Hudson and Avery Kate.



Wealth comes at a price. The IRS can confiscate large chunks of change from millionaires in the form of income tax, capital gains tax, estate tax, and more. As a result, many millionaires feel that their hard-earned wealth is at the mercy of Washington.

Barry Spencer shows millionaires how donating to charities of their choice can help them save more money for themselves, their families and causes they care about, all while cementing a meaningful legacy.

As a speaker, Barry walks audiences through a Three-Dimensional Approach that serves as the secret to removing the biggest roadblocks to their better future and creating a more rewarding future. He shows them how to create substantial income tax deductions, avoid double taxation, legally bypass capital gains taxes, and create a more confident retirement and living legacy.

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How To Reduce Taxes And Unlock More Money Using Charity
Few people understand that they are charitable by default. The audience learns how to give less money to the IRS and more money to a cause of their choosing. As Americans, we get to choose the whom we give money to — either the IRS or causes we care about deeply. Exercising that choice can unlock more money for themselves, family and charity. The result is to unlock their passion, protect their family and create a lasting legacy.

The Three-Dimensional Approach To Resolving The Biggest Retirement Challenges
Believe it or not, the biggest villain is NOT the IRS. It's our own inability to think differently about our opportunities and risks. Barry Spencer shows audiences how to think three-dimensionally about their wealth and future. This approach unlocks tax saving opportunities and can allow successful people to better navigate the common worries and often “hidden” retirement obstacles.

The Five Key Principles To Overcoming Common Retirement Worries
Worries tend to weigh down retirees and cause them to hold back on the future they want to live in and very often have the capacity to live out. Too often, people worry about things they do not necessarily need to worry about and overlook the real obstacles. There are Five Key Principles that serve as the roadmap to creating the bigger and better future they desire.

Books by Barry

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The Secret of Wealth with No Regrets

The Serving Leader


Retire Abundantly


Voted best presentation at the Georgia Hospital Association’s annual event
— 5 Stars, 9.7 out of 10 rating

“Barry was awesome. I could listen to him talk all day. He is fun, inspirational, clear and just what we needed delivered for our group. We can't wait to meet with him again.”
— Laurie Kierkegaard, founder of NP Leadership, serving nonprofits

“Barry Spencer’s presentation to our national and worldwide CEO was fabulous. His demeanor, attitude and approach to the talk were spot on. He addressed issues and topics that were relevant to our business right now. His talk exceeded expectations in delivery, content and relevancy. I highly recommend him as a speaker for your next meeting.”
— Peter Fujimoto, president of Flux Pumps USA

“Extremely helpful and presented in an exciting manner.”
— Minnie, attendee

“I am so appreciative of Barry sharing his inspiring story. It is one I can personally relate to. Thanks!”
— Addison, attendee

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